Video Production Portfolio


There are three videos on this page showing my past work:

Passion Made Possible?
Produced for 02.131DH Non‐Fiction and Ethnographic Film: Theory and Practice in SUTD, this documentary follows the story and journey of three artists in Singapore to find out if passion really is made possible in Singapore.

A small island with big ambition: a sustainable Singapore?
First runner up for the Singapore Youth Video Competition: “The Sustainable Development Goals: What YOUth Can Do” under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore.

Singapore has rapidly developed over the past 50 years, but can it keep up with the changes that comes along with development? We discuss the problems faced by Singapore and what Singapore has done to overcome them, such as the elimination of wildlife and water bodies, the move towards a greener world and the conflicts of a multiracial nation. This is the journey of Singapore transforming into a sustainable and resilient society.

Kenneth Sim’s Showreel
Produced in 2019, this video shows the various projects I worked on in 2018/2019.