SUTD Coin Blockchain Project


SUTD Coin is a ground up implementation of a Blockchain network. Supporting both miners and lightweight clients, SUTD Coin was created as a learning tool to understand the verification steps required for a decentralised cryptocurrency system to function. However, it grew to become a teaching tool in Blockchain. Being easy to set up, having clear indications of block hashes, and showing how bad actors can affect the network make it much easier for people to learn about the blockchain.

Modelled after Bitcoin, it consists of most aspects that make Bitcoin a valued commodity. From mining rewards to Proof-of-Work. Other aspects such as fork resolution, selfish mining and the 51% attack are also very easy to mock in our example.

RESTful API is used to contact the different miners and SPV wallets to transact to each other.

The code is also very well documented and easy to follow. Using only Flask for networking, the project uses no other additional package. As such, more technical viewers are able to look through the code and see how and when verification checks are done to ensure a compliant decentralised system.

For a more complete and technical breakdown, do visit the GitHub page.